OREANDA-NEWS. July 02, 2010. ROSNO’s Saratov branch has concluded a property insurance contract with the Saratov-based restaurateur, an owner of the restaurants "Moscow" and "Kulinariya". The aggregate contractual insurance amount is 180,559,018 roubles, reported the press-centre of ROSNO.

The restaurant "Moscow" is located on the intersection of Moskovskaya and Gorky streets, in one of Saratov’s oldest buildings. Widely regarded as the city’s architectural landmark, the building was erected in 1901. The insurance coverage applies to the premises of the restaurants "Moscow" and "Kulinariya": internal furnishing, plumbing systems, furniture, and office machinery.

The property has been insured against the following risks: fire, explosion, lightning stroke, aircraft impact, storm and hail; burglary, robbery and brigandage; unlawful third-party actions, damage by water from water supply, heating, and sewage systems, window, mirror and showcase glass breakage.

The contract has been concluded for one year.