OREANDA-NEWS. July 05, 2010. SPC "Rakurs" received the license for realization of works with use of the state secret data. The license of Federal Security Service Administration of St.-Petersburg and Leningradsky region allows SPC “Rakurs” to perform works at the regime enterprises, in particular at nuclear stations of Open Society "Concern Energoatom".

SPC "Rakurs" is working on atomic power stations in Russia and abroad more than 10 years. Creation of the automated control systems is the basic direction of SPC "Rakurs". Possessing a wide experience and necessary competence, now the company offers for nuclear power the following:

- Systems of technological control for turbogenerators;

- Control systems for stator end winding vibration of turbogenerator;

- Systems of dataware, emergency processes registration of emergency power supply systems;

- Automated control systems of plant facilities for nuclear power plants;

- Power distributive cabinets of control system for nuclear power plants.

The whole production and engineering cycle and activity of the company in all business directions are under control of the quality management system and are certificated according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008 that guarantees discharge of obligations accepted by the company precisely in time and with high quality.

High quality of production and services of SPC "Rakurs" is proved by awards. In 2009 there was is awarded by the Quality symbol "Made in St.-Petersburg" the control system "STK-ER" (system of technological control of parametres for turbo- and hydrogenerators) which the company delivers on Open Society atomic power stations "Concern Energoatom".