OREANDA-NEWS. July 06, 2010. ROSNO’s Nizhny Novgorod branch paid two large MOD insurance compensations for the foreign-made cars damaged in the traffic accidents occurring on the same street several weeks one after another, reported the press-centre of ROSNO.

The first insured accident occurred near the building No.54 on Fedoseenko Street. The driver of the Mercedes Benz GL450, manufactured in 2007, lost control of the vehicle, which subsequently collided with a fence. As a result, the vehicle sustained considerable damage: the damaged elements included the front fenders, the bonnet, the bumper, the headlights, the driving lights, and the front left door. The vehicle, owned by a legal entity, had been insured with ROSNO under the MOD program against theft, fire, and damage. This traffic accident has been recognized as an insured accident, and the insurance company paid 852,921 roubles for restoration of this Mercedes Benz vehicle.

Another traffic accident occurred near the bus station "Torfopredpriyatiye". The driver of the AUDI A4, manufactured in 2008 and insured with ROSNO, was moving along Fedoseenko street towards Moskovskoye Highway, when a VAZ-21201 vehicle driving in the opposite lane entered the former’s lane at a high speed. As a result of the subsequent unavoidable collision, the AUDI was seriously damaged, and was recognized as a constructive loss. ROSNO paid the AUDI A4 owner an insurance compensation of 990,580 roubles.