OREANDA-NEWS. July 06, 2010. Recently SOCAR became the owner of the main award (Gold Winner) of SAP Quality Award 2010 in the CIS countries on a category of “Introduction of SAP software in big companies”. This award is presented to the companies who adopt SAP software which differ in productivity and quality and get successful achievements in these areas. On July 2, SOCAR Head Office hosted the ceremony of SAP CIS Quality Award 2010. The event was attended by SOCAR management, representatives of the IT and Communications Department, SAP Head Office in Germany and the CIS, as well as by the officials of PriceWaterhouseCoopers International Consulting Company. At the ceremony, Mr. Waldemar Schneider, SAS Institute EMEA Business Development Manager CEE presented the Award card and the official certificate to Mr. Suleyman Gasimov, SOCAR Vice-president on economic issues. They mentioned that SOCAR being the locomotive of dynamically developing economy of Azerbaijan gives great attention to the increase of efficiency by automating the key areas of the activity. Within the limits of these works, SOCAR management realizes the long-term strategic transformation program, including transition to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and modernization of management system of the company according to the international experience.Main objective of the given program is the company conclusion in number of leaders of this sphere and conformity of business processes and production to the international standards. For the solution of the given issues SOCAR needs timely, actual, detailed and trustworthy information about the enterprise condition. The basic tool for getting such information includes corporative information system. Therefore, SOCAR has chosen SAP software as the program supplier which is considered the main program supplier for business management in the world. At present, more than 97.000 companies from 120 countries of the world use SAP software in their activity.SOCAR has developed a long-term automated program on the basis of SAP software considered till 2012. A number of projects have been realized including book keeping operation based on IFRS, automation of supply and sales, managements of risks and money resources, personnel registration and wages calculation, and others which received SAP award.During 2008-2010 SOCAR has entered into the list of 21 participant companies after successfully completing the electoral stage of the contest. Afterwards, the company’s project was presented to the high jury consisting of experts on the CIS of SAP. The project was estimated by observance of ten quality principles of SAP such as efficiency, as well as profitability of application and cumulative cost taking into account the unique features of the projects. As a result, within the limits of SAP CIS Quality Award 2010 SOCAR was awarded for nomination of “Introduction among the big companies” and became the best example of successful and qualitative introduction of SAP decisions. First, the decision was announced during the SAP forum 2010 held on June 23, 2010 in Moscow. The event was attended by more than 1500 people including representatives of the Presidential Machinery of the Russian Federation, the ministries and federal agencies of the Russian Federation, and heads of companies of SAP clients.As it was noted within the limits of the ceremony, SAP introduction in SOCAR was realized very effectively. Consequently, the introduction could already lower expenses on a number of directions, accelerate process of formation of the consolidated reporting on IFRS, improve company business processes in conformity with the best international experience, and raise safety level of management and information streams.Besides, Head of Department of SAP Company Mr. Dmitri Krasyukov, representative of the Company on the CIS Mr. Vadim Ryskal, representative of Business Development Manager Department of PriceWaterhouseCoopers International Consulting Company Mr. Aleksey Burlatski, and other officials attended the ceremony and highly estimated the role of PriceWaterhouseCoopers International Consulting Company and experts of SOCAR IT and Communications Department in modernization of introduction and management of SAP decision.