OREANDA-NEWS. July 08, 2010. Problems and tasks of exhibition education system were discussed at the meeting of UFI (Global Association of the exhibition industry) executive committee, which took place in Budapest.

In regards with meeting results UFI has accepted UFI Education Policy Paper. Sergey Alexeev, the director general of JSC "Lenexpo" and vice-president and chairman of UFI European Department, gave us some explanation regarding the document.

According to Mr. Alexeev, personnel competency is a key factor which forms company image. Committee meeting participants regard education as an important factor which can increase the level of professional service and expertise-components, which are required by visitors and media.

Singapore, Marina Bay Sands complex

Since 2006 UFI has been following PIN strategy: promotion, inform, network, and includes it into their education policy. UFI members consider that professional trainings will teach new specialists use exhibitions as an efficient marketing tool. It is also important to teach exponents calculate recoupment of investments (ROI).

The new document claims that UFI acknowledges the diversity of educational programs and does not want to work out a single teaching system which suits everyone.

The Association determines 4 main categories: university education (business education, marketing, hospitality and tourism, conventions); professional trainings; short-term courses and seminars (on-line courses, webinars, courses, organized by national associations and training companies and etc.), short exponent and visitor courses (ROI calculations and stand work).

UFI also offers personal programs such as EMD (The Exhibition Management Degree), Summer University, focus-meetings, regional days, open seminars, on-line courses and etc. UFI plans to involve universities, business-schools, training companies, international and national exhibition associations into the development of new teaching programs.

Educational issues will surely be discussed again. New UFI Congress will take place in November 2010 in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands complex.