OREANDA-NEWS. July 09, 2010. A preliminary ranking of tenders for the contest „Installation of Passenger and Cargo Terminal Infrastructure” was produced, reported the press-centre of Klaipeda Port. 
The contest for the construction works of the mentioned object was announced on the 25 of September, 2009 (the planned term of construction works - 2,5 years). It was planned to spend approximately 172,6 million litas (including VAT) for the construction of the object. In order to generate greater interest and enhance competitiveness information on this contest was sent to diverse construction organizations of Lithuania and Europe. Construction organizations demonstrated a great interest. The tenderers were provided the possibility to examine the future construction site of the object.
The envelopes containing offers on the mentioned contest were opened on the 18 of February, 2010. 10 offers were submitted for this contest. One of them was submitted by the consortium of Lithuanian companies, another – by Lithuanian undertakings acting on the grounds of joint activity with foreign companies or from foreign companies. These joint or not joint activity offers were submitted by undertakings from eight foreign countries.
The contest on this large volume and high value construction object was prolonged. Firstly, the data of envelope opening was delayed twice due to objective reasons. One of them was the presentation of geological research data and providing of time, necessary for studies of these documents. Hereby conditions for wider and more objective competitiveness were created. Secondly, other procurement procedures took more time, as a complaint with the court regarding this contest was filed on the 4 of March and temporary security measures were applied.
On the 1 of July, 2010, a preliminary ranking of tenders was produced.
The I place – AB „Latvijas tilti“, the price of the offer was 112 465 278,36 Lt including VAT.
The II place – AS „Merko Ehitus“,the price of the offer was  120 746 171,55 Lt including VAT.
The III place – AB „BMGS“,the price of the offer was   127 832 957,07 Lt including VAT.
The IV place – Josef Mobius Bau-Aktiengesellschaft, the price of the offer was   135 690 021,65 Lt including VAT
The V place – Terramare Oy, the price of the offer was 156 879 424,00 Lt including VAT.
The VI place– Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung GmbH&Co. KG, acting under the joint activity agreement with  UAB „Kaminta“,the price of the offer was  176 470 563,85 Lt including VAT.
Other tenders were rejected as not complying to the requirements of an open procedure.
„I am extremely satisfied with the results of this contest, as there was quite a number of offers submitted, the competition was large  and the price was favourable. Following this preliminary ranking we may state that joint efforts of employees of State Seaport Authority saved us even 60 million litas, - told the director general of Port Authority Eugenijus Gentvilas.