OREANDA-NEWS. July 13, 2010. Under the chairmanship of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Tikhonov a meeting was held on the setting and change of limits of administrative units, their naming and the renaming.

"As a result of urbanization processes a significant number of areas of settlements, where the limits are set, at this time does not correspond to their real space" - the Vice Prime Minister said during the meeting.

According to Viktor Tikhonov, the main problems with establishing and changing the limits of the settlements are that most such limits have been set back in the past century.

"Another important issue for the administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine is the naming, renaming the administrative units and assigning them to certain categories. These questions also require more attention from the authorities" - Viktor Tikhonov stressed.

The meeting was attended by members of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on State construction and and local authorities, the leadership of ministries and agencies, representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and public organizations.

The results of the meeting were the instructions issued to address the issues on setting limits and changing of administrative units, their naming and renaming.