OREANDA-NEWS. July 15, 2010. Freight One’s annual shareholders meeting was held in Moscow.

The meeting approved the company’s annual report, annual financial statements and distribution of profits and losses for 2009

The company posted a net profit of 2.1 billion rubles for 2009 according to Russian Accounting Standards. The shareholders decided to pay dividends for 2009 in the amount of 0.0024976 rubles per ordinary share. Thus, the dividend payout totaled 213.9 million rubles or 10% of the company’s net profit for the year. The company is reinvesting most of its profits.

The shareholders meeting elected a new 9-member Board of Directors. The Board of Directors now includes:

Salman Babayev: CEO of Freight One

Valery Veremeyev: Head of Economic Planning and Strategy, RZD

Alexei Illarionov: Head of IT Development and Corporate Governance Processes, RZD

Andrei Krapivin: Member of the Board of Directors, Vice President, Commercial Interregional Trust Bank LLC, independent director

Yelena Kunayeva: General Director of RZD’s Company Servicing Center

Dmitry Losev: Head of Rolling Stock Management, RZD

Mironov, Alexey: Head of RZD’s Central Traffic Management Office

Dmitry Novikov: Adviser to the President, RZD

Ilya Ryaschin: Head of Planning and Budgeting, RZD.

The following people were elected to the company’s supervisory board:

Olga Agafontseva: Head of Internal Audit of Financial and Material Assets, RZD; Head of RZD’s Zheldorkontrol Center for Control and Auditing

Sergei Andreykin: Deputy Head of Relations with Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies, RZD

Natalia Lem: Head of Accounting, RZD.

Ernst & Young LLC was chosen as the company’s auditor for 2010 to prepare the company’s financial statements in accordance with Russian and international standards.