OREANDA-NEWS. July 16, 2010. The fleet of Muezersky Timber Industry Enterprise, Inc., which is a part of Investlesprom group, has increased by five new VOLVO short log trucks equipped with hydraulic manipulators and trailers. Motor transport was purchased by Investlesprom JSC within the scope of the investment project concerning development of logging in northern territories leased by the company in Karelia. Thanks to the new equipment transferred for operational management to Severnaya Wood Harvesting Company, Ltd., (also a part of Investlesprom group), it is supposed, that this year Muezersky Timber Industry Enterprise will increase volumes of hauling from 150,000 to 190,000 cubic metres.

– The investment project assuming purchase of technical equipment for Muezersky Timber Industry Enterprise, Inc., was approved by the company management in September, 2009, – Dmitry Rybalko, executive director of Severnaya WHC, Ltd., says. – To purchase completely equipped VOLVO short log trucks it has been invested about 50 million roubles. We consider that strengthening and renewal of the vehicle fleet of Muezersky Timber Industry Enterprise will allow to increase volumes of raw material hauling and, besides, will provide with work for 12-15 people, that is of current concern for northern timber industry enterprises.

The problem of motor transport shortage in northern timber industry enterprises is solved by Investlesprom company wholistically.

First, on the immediate horizon it is planned to purchase log trucks for Lendersky Timber Industry Enterprise, Inc. which is another northern logging enterprise of Investlesprom. In the beginning of June the decision was made to develop a feasibility report on the project.

Second, strategic partners consuming raw material are involved actively on mutually advantageous conditions. Thus, in June there has been concluded a long-term agreement on cooperation with Swedwood Karelia. Similar partnership is being established with VAPO company (Finland) providing its own motor transport for direct hauling of timber from allotments.

– The entire acceleration of harvesting and hauling of raw material, which makes over 150,000 cubic metres of paper wood a year, – Dmitry Rybalko adds, – is focused on provision of implementation of the largest in the branch Polar Bear project of reconstruction of Segezha Pulp And Paper Mill.