OREANDA-NEWS. July 21, 2010. The President of Ukraine has identified the development of alternative (renewable) energy as one of the most important national priorities - First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Andriy Klyuev said at the first meeting of the Interdepartmental Committee on Energy Development.

According to him, the key areas will be the development of solar, wind energy, and small and medium rivers hydropower. Adding to this development and the concomitant production of shale and coal gas (methane) as well as steps to improve energy efficiency and energy economy covering next 10 years, Ukraine has to make a breakthrough in its energy independence provision, Andrew Klyuev said.

According to him, one must clearly identify where and what alternative energy sources are to be developed.

The First Vice Prime Minister criticized the outcome of the Integrated Program for the construction of wind farms. According to the National Agency for Efficient Use of Energy (NAER), during 14 years of the program implementation only 52% of planned funds for the construction of wind energy were allocated, and only 17% of facilities were built.

Andrei Klyuyev also said that it is necessary to use effectively the potential of small and medium rivers. Appropriate proposals will be prepared for the next Commission meeting.

Following the Commission meeting a number of ministries and departments, together with regional administrations were given order to undertake the analysis and to make suggestions for optimizing the structure of electricity production in each region of Ukraine, with the need to increase the share of alternative energy sources. Given current and projected energy development programs needs in each region, not only for generating facilities, but also for the whole energy infrastructure, are to be refined, the First Vice Prime Minister said

According to him, it is necessary to complete work, begun in 2006 under the leadership of the government of Viktor Yanukovych, on creation of quality energy passports for each area.

Reference: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine formed an Interagency Commission on Energy Development by order dated July7, 2010.

The Commission, in particular, consists of: First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, the chairman Andrei Klyuyev; NCRE chaireman, deputy chairman Serhiy Titenko; First Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy, Committee Deputy Chairman Serhiy Tshekh; NAER chairman, deputy chairman - Commission Secretary Nikolai Pashkevich and other heads of ministries and departments.