OREANDA-NEWS. July 21, 2010. Strategy of Vladivostok Air service development in Khabarovsky krai, in the conditions of an increasing population demand, provides growth of a routeing network and increases executed flights in quantity, including to the countries of Asian-Pacific region. The next step on realization of this strategy is introduction of additional flight from Khabarovsk to Harbin and back.

Flight on a route Khabarovsk-Harbin and Harbin-Khabarovsk is regular in the schedule, it is carried out on Mondays and Fridays, and additional flight will be carried out on Saturdays. Vladivostok Air plane takes off from Khabarovsk at 10:20, arrives to Harbin 8:50, the aircraft with the seagull onboard takes off at 10:10 back from Harbin and lands in Khabarovsk airport at 14:30 of local time.

The increase of flights in number is depended on the fact that Harbin, or "northern jewelry" as Chinese people are named it, is one of the most visited cities of China by the Russian tourists. And it is no wonder, because large quantity of cultural and history monuments is concentrated in Harbin. Also this city has all possible welfare of a modern megacity and the big possibilities for visiting of entertainment and shopping centres.

In order the flight to the city of northeast China, has passed in pleasant conditions for you, the given flight is carried out on comfortable and modern liners Airbus A320. The main advantages of which are spacious configuration of salon and low noise level during the flight.

Vladivostok Air reminds that it is possible to get air tickets keeping the house, by means of the airline site www.vladivostokavia.ru, and also air tickets sale is carried out in all company sales and agency network.

Own sales offices are in Khabarovsk at the addresses: 123, Kalinin st.; 61, Karla Marksa st.; 203, Krasnorechenskaya st.; 38, Lenina st., and in the Airport.

Besides, in own Vladivostok Air sales offices passengers have all possibilities to issue a ticket on credit. Such service is given in the cities: Vladivostok, the Find, Ussuriisk, Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. For this purpose the passenger needs to have the passport by himself with constant registration in Primorsky krai, Khabarovsky krai or in the Sakhalin region.