OREANDA-NEWS. February 17, 2011. In 2011 an investment project for reconstruction of Unit 7 was launched at Nazarovo GRES. This most powerful unit of the plant was commissioned in 1968. The modernization will result in a 15 MW increase of the GRES installed capacity to be 415 MW. Since November 2012 one intends to commence supplies of new power into the wholesale electrical energy market.

Within the framework of the project implementation one is to undertake reconstruction of a turbine and two boilers involving replacement of heating surfaces, brickwork and insulation. Additionally, the boilers are to be switched over to an improved fuel burning technology. The unit modernization will substantially consolidate the Company’s standing in failure-safe supply of thermal and electrical energy to consumers.

Implementation of such a large-scale project requires vast investment and additional human resources. That is why within the framework of the project one plans to construct a minor camp settlement. According to Director of Nazarovo GRES Vitaly Palkin, specialists from the Krasnoyarsk Territory and other regions of Russia will arrive in Nazarovo. There are two hostels and three apartment houses to be constructed to provide for their lodging. Those will be modular pre-fabricated buildings capable to accommodate 400-450 persons in total.

Currently the issue of construction of buildings for temporary residence of workers engaged in Unit 7 reconstruction is being elaborated. The construction site location will be specified upon completion of geological and sanitary epidemiological surveys and agreed selection of a land plot. Construction proper will take 6 months.