OREANDA-NEWS. December 13, 2011. At the recent Shanghai Society for Metals Tenth Council meeting, the Group Chairman Xu Lejiang is appointed honorary chairman of the Shanghai Society for Metals. 5 academians: Zou Shichang, Xu Zuyao, Pan Jiansheng, Zhou Bangxin, Zhou Guozhi are appointed as honorary members, reported the press-centre of Baosteel.

At the previous Shanghai Society for Metals Tenth Congress, a new leadership body is elected, the Group Planning Board deputy director, Baosteel Science Association executive vice president Li Haiping are elected chairman of the Tenth Council. Baosteel Co.,Ltd. deputy general manager Zhou Jianfeng is elected vice chairman. Zhang Miao is elected secretary-general. Eight Baosteel members Li Haiping, Zhou Jianfeng, Hu Xuefa, Chu Shangjie, Zhang Miao, Wu Dongying, Lu Jiangxin, Lu Zuying are elected as executive directors.

On the Congress, on behalf of the Ninth Council, Xu Lejiang makes a presentation entitled "hand in hand, coming to the world". He said that the Shanghai Society of Metals of the Ninth Council of intelligence information, academic exchanges, technology promotion, technology consulting, and many other innovative development, enhance services, expand social impact. Xu Le Jiang proposed new Council, to further expand services, improve service levels; to expand its horizons, extending downstream to the development of iron and steel, and gradually some representative material processing unit into the team learn to; to strengthen self-construction, the absorption more scientific and technical personnel to join.