OREANDA-NEWS. December 14, 2011. The funds are provided under the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry of the Environment of Finland (FMoE) and SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" (Vodokanal) in June 2009. In particular, this document provides for non-refundable assistance (grant) in the amount of 6.1 mln. Euro to Vodokanal. The purpose of the grant is to finance the Neva Untreated Wastewater Discharge Closure Programme in St. Petersburg.

The grant has been disbursed in installments. A part of the money has already been used to supply equipment for reconstruction of aeration tanks at Central WWTP.

The second part of the grant recently approved by FMoE will be used to purchase pumping equipment for the Pumping Station.

The Pumping Station is an important component of the major environmental project – the Northern Tunnel Collector (NTC) extension.

The Pumping Station is located in a shaft 90m deep. Actually, it will control wastewater stream velocities inside the collector and ensure self-cleaning i.e. removal of bottom sediments.

In summer 2011, an international tender was launched to select the contractor – supplier of equipment for the Pumping Station. The tender winner was a Finnish company. According to the official procedure, the equipment (pump units, frequency converters, cables, etc.) supply contract was sent to FMoE for approval and was ratified in due course. In addition to equipment supply, the Finnish company will supervise the installation and commissioning and provide training for the personnel. The contract price is approx. 4.4 mln. Euro. Completion of the Pumping Station is expected in 2013.