OREANDA-NEWS. January 6, 2012. EMT lowers roaming prices in the U.S. starting 2012/01/03 and the cost of messages and mobile internet is reduced as well. This is not a limited campaign, this is EMT’s permanent roaming offer.

„New lower prices are valid for all EMT customers who use T-Mobile network while in the U.S,” said Reena Mдgi, Head of Roaming Services Area at EMT. “T-Mobile has a wide coverage in the U.S., and thus EMT customers can use mobile services in most visited locations for affordable prices”.

Outgoing calls to Estonia and local calls in the U.S. will cost Ђ1.1 per minute (all prices are inclusive of VAT). Per-minute rate for received calls will also be Ђ1.1.

Text messaging and packet data prices will also be reduced – sending an SMS in the U.S. will cost Ђ0.2 and mobile internet will be charged with Ђ2.55 per MB.

EMT has reduced roaming prices in several countries, both in Europe and in the rest of the world. The most recent price reduction took place on December 28, 2011, when EMT lowered prices in Thailand, an important tourist destination for Estonians, and cut prices by up to 90 percent in all networks in Russia. These changes were made possible by negotiations between the TeliaSonera group (of which EMT is a part) and local operators.