OREANDA-NEWS. February 3, 2012. Essar Ports Limited (EPL), part of the Essar Group, announced its results for the quarter ended 31st December 2011.

Financial Results:

For the quarter ended December 31, 2011, Essar Ports’ revenue increased to Rs276.78crore as against Rs190.27 crore, registering an increase of 45 %. For the nine months Essar Ports posted revenues of Rs. 834.40 crore as against Rs. 542.19crore, an increase of 54 %.

For the quarter ended 31st December, 2011, Essar Ports EBITDA increased to Rs219.36crore as against Rs138.61crore Q3 FY11 registering an increase of 58%. For the nine months Essar Ports posted EBITDA Rs. 670.38crore as against Rs. 398.33crore, an increase of 68 %.

For the quarter ended 31st December 2011, Essar Ports' net profit increased to Rs.44.98crore as against Rs8.21crore in Q3 FY11.For the nine months, Essar Ports posted a net profit of Rs. 125.43crore as against Rs. 17.02 crore, an increase of 637%.

Speaking on these results, Mr. Rajiv Agarwal, CEO & Managing Director, Essar Ports Limited said, “We are happy with our performance, and expect to continue with our high growth trajectory in the coming years. It has been a good quarter with significant progress on the regulatory approvals side; now the management focus is on completion of all the projects on time”.

Operational Highlights

Essar Ports achieved cargo handling of 9.94 MMT during Q3 FY12 as against 9.90 MMT in Q3 FY11. For the nine month period, Essar Ports handled cargo to the tune of 30.87 MMT in FY12 as against 29.35MMT during the corresponding nine month period in FY11.

Third-party coal and projects cargo handled at the Hazira facility contributed to over 4% of its revenues during the nine month period for FY12.

The Hazira port handled 2.99 MMT of cargo in Q3 FY12 as against 2.44 MMT for Q3 FY11, registering a jump of 22%. Cargo handled at the Hazira port was 8.72 MMT for Q1-Q3 FY12 as against 6.64 MMT for Q1-Q3 FY11.

Vadinar handled 6.95 MMT cargo in Q3 FY12 as against 7.46 MMT for Q3 FY11. The decrease in cargo handled is on account of a shutdown by Essar Oil to expand its refinery to 18 MMTPA capacity. The cargo handled was 22.15 MMT for Q1-Q3 FY12 as against 22.71 MMT for Q1-Q3 FY11. The cargo throughput is expected to go up in coming quarters since the 18 MMTPA expansion of Essar Oil refinery is now complete.

Project Updates

Paradip I (Iron Ore)

79% Project completed. Estimated COD: Q1 FY13

Stacker reclaimer erection in progress

Ship loader is erected, stackyard  development is under progress

Conveyor  erection is under progress


49% project completed. Estimated COD: Q4 FY14

Ship unloaders are delivered

1 Stacker reclaimer  erected, erection of other 2 are under progress

Jetty construction and conveyor erection are under progress

Environment and CRZ clearance are received. Forest clearance awaited for part of the project

The above results were taken on record at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the company held on February 02, 2012.