OREANDA-NEWS.  February 3, 2012. KAMAZ’s plants and units fulfilled the production plan in January with record performance.

The automobile plant of KAMAZ produced more than 3.9 thousand vehicle sets for 16 working days of January. This is the best start for the last years. The company made half as many products as in early 2011 (+1400 units YOY) and by 700 units more than it had produced in January 2008 (before the crisis).

Absolute and relative results of production units which depend mainly on vehicle production volumes are comparable to heavy-duty truck production results: they are the best for the last years too. The engine plant delivered more than 4 thousand engines and power units (+1200) to the main assembly line of KAMAZ and its customers. Drivers of KAMAZ trucks will receive spare parts to the sum of nearly RUB 0.57 billion.

The main assembly line of the automobile plant maintained the average daily production rate reached in the fourth quarter of 2011 (240 trucks or chassis). It won’t slow down in February when the company plans to produce 4.75 thousand vehicles sets (compare with 2.8 thousand units produced in February 2011).