OREANDA-NEWS. February 06, 2012. 2011 is the first year of Baosteel Engineering&Technology Group's substantive consolidation. With the further clarification of "5+3+1" industrial layout, collective cooperation mode is quickly implemented to promote enterprise's overall competitiveness and the business performance is significantly improved, reported the press-centre of Baosteel.

Last year, Baosteel Engineering implemented the "raising capacity, promoting transformation" main work line in a comprehensive way and the subsidiaries adopted innovative thinking and effective coordination and sped up the pace of technological industrial restructuring and development. Among them, the "5+3+1" industrial layout which focused on the group level long-term strategic planning, played the important role of leading and accelerating , and made the work to be carried out smoothly throughout the year: Currently, 5 divisions: Engineering & Technology, Baosight Software, Equipment Manufacturing, Steel Structure, Baosteel Technical Service, and 3 other divisions: Baosteel Energy, Baosteel Construction, Rolling, Overseas Business have in-depth integration, respectively achieve stability in team and business and form five business segments which seize the market quickly and which have sound development.

Last year, after the Baosteel Engineering substantial business integration was launched in Group and business unit dimensions, the company's overall strategic planning and development path, and each business unit's responsibility system and decision-making process became more clear. Meanwhile, the headquarter functional staff professional capacity enhancement program started. The benchmarking system, strategic performance management system, acquisition implementation and integration management system which are fitful for each business unit are fully developed and the investment function system achieves thorough management breakthrough. For example, recently, in the country's first "Chinese Entertainment City" project, Baosteel Construction not only plays the role of R & D, planning, design and project total package management, but also actively explores the feasibility of implementing steel structure green building.

The formation of collective cooperation mode to seize the market vantage point is one of the most significant achievements of Baosteel Engineering integration development. For example, the cold-rolled sheet deep processing design contract signed with Tianjin Metallurgical No 1. Rolling Group is the result of collaboration between Baosteel Engineering integrated marketing team and technology-based marketing team.