OREANDA-NEWS. February 8, 2012. The aim of annual research of the recruiting portal Superjob.ru is eliciting of the most attractive companies-employers from candidates’ point of view. The title Attractive Employer-2011 is awarded to those companies the vacancies of which were placed on Superjob.ru site and the activity of which meets the basic requirements of the research. The constitutive criteria were as follows: the level of remuneration offered in employers’ vacancies, the average index of direct response to employers’ vacancies, the presence of candidates’ complaints to incorrect information given in vacancies, etc.

Attractive Employer status is the guarantee of the fact that the candidate gets reliable information about the company-employer and its vacancies. The results of the research are confirmed by Certificates and Attractive Employer-2011 signs received by Stoylenskaya Niva AIC and other companies-winners.

Yuriy Yurchenko, Director of Personnel Management Department of Stoylenskaya Niva AIC: Receiving this award confirms the image of Stoylenskaya Niva as the actively developing and transparent company holding the leading positions not only at field-oriented market, but also at labour market, and it has a beneficial effect on reputation and awareness of the holding as well.

 “Stoylenskaya Niva Agro-Industrial company was founded in 2000 and currently it is one of the largest holdings of agro-industrial sector of the country. In Russian market Stoylenskaya Niva holds the first position on aggregated volume of bakery produced, the 3rd position on flour production and the 6th position on confectionary produced.   Currently about 10000 employees are working at the enterprises of the holding.