OREANDA-NEWS. February 09, 2012. Gazprom International successfully completed execution of the stage-by-stage programme of exploration works of Ustyurt region of Uzbekistan.

The five-year programme, which was adopted in 2006, was implemented in three stages. In first two stages, the company conducted geological and geophysical exploration and drilling of prospecting and exploratory wells. In the third stage, Djel gas condensate field was opened at Shakhpakhti Investment Block (Karakalpakstan).

Within the programme, the company conducted full-scale complex of seismic exploration works of 2D at the volume of 7,000 km and 3D – 500 square km, seismic data interpretation, aeromagnetic survey and gravity measurements at volume of 3,000 square km, drilled 20 exploration and prospecting wells at seven investment blocks.

Maksut Anderjanov, Director of Gazprom International Office in Uzbekistan, said geological exploration works at Gazprom investment blocks were fully implemented in line with the programme and in adherence to all ecological norms. He noted that Gazprom International leads in Uzbekistan among foreign companies on the volume and tempo of executed works.

Cooperation of Gazprom and Uzbekistan is based on agreement on principles of exploration of entrails at investment blocks of Ustyurt region from 2006. The agreement envisages providing Gazprom exclusive right for development of new hydrocarbon fields based on production-sharing agreement.

Currently, the company is preparing a report on natural gas and gas condensate reserves at Djel field, which will be submitted to the State Commission on reserves under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan.

Djel field is located 235 km from Central Asia – Center gas pipeline. Gazprom had invested US0 million to exploration works at Ustyurt region since December 2006.

At the same time with exploration works, Gazprom International caries out development of Shakhpakhti field in Karakalpakstan.