OREANDA-NEWS. February 14, 2012. An MCC delegation led by Shen Heting, Secretary of Communist Party Committee of MCC Group and President of MCC Limited, visited Ramu project site, Papua New Guinea. The visiting president extended festival greetings to the MCC people working on the site, reported the press-centre of MCC.

Shen and his delegation went to Basamuk smelter without a stop after landed. They visited the smelters main control room and operating areas such as high-pressure acid leaching, sulfuric acid and limestone, inspected the progress of construction closeout and commissioning. The visiting MCC executives expressed their sincere appreciation to the staff working on site. Shen also attended Ramu NiCo Managements pre-operational mobilization meeting and met with the contractors of the project.

At 16:00 on the 26th, Shen Heting and the delegation attended the MCC Ramu Annual Meeting 2012. The Meeting was held between Beijing, Madang, the site and the smelter via video, and hosted by Gao Yongxue, General Manager of MCC Ramu. At the meeting, Zhang Zhaoxiang, Vice President of MCC Limited, announced the decision of complimenting Model Workers of MCC Group 2010-2011, and Shen Heting issued a certificate of honor to Ma Yuqing, foreman of E&I operating area, Luo Shu, Chairwoman of MCC Ramu. Shen concluded the meeting with a speech knitted to encourage the MCC employees to meet the challenges and make greater progress in the coming new year.

Shen Heting delivered an important speech at the meeting, outlining the next milestone steps. He pointed out that the Ramu project has great significance, and its timetable for production shall be followed without any change. He said that it is MCC Ramus responsibility for careful organization to achieve the target and improvement of all production procedures, to ensure it is fully prepared for the transition to the production phase.

The following MCC officials accompanied Shen Heting during the visit: Pan Hengli, Deputy General Manager of Ramu NiCo Management, Ding Xiaobo, Deputy General Manager of China 19th Metallurgical Corporation, Zhang Mengxing, General Manager of China 20th Metallurgical Corporation, Li Yulong, General Manager of China 22nd Metallurgical Corporation, and Gao Baojun, Deputy General Manager of China ENFI.