OREANDA-NEWS. February 15, 2012. National ranking magazine GVardiya published nationwide and industry rankings of Ukrainian companies’ top managers according to 2011 results. Galnaftogaz CEO Vitaliy Antonov took the first place by a noticeable margin in top managers’ ranking in Oil and gas market sector. In the national ranking he became one of the top 50 country’s business leaders.

Ranking compilers explain that the main evaluation criteria for head officers were as follows: economic efficiency of company’s governance, its competitiveness, and relationships with partners, the level of corporate social responsibility, and top manager’s business reputation. Estimates were derived from the market participants’ survey results and survey of leading independent experts. Their consolidated opinion determined the final number and place of each manager. All in all 490 managers were estimated this way. Among them 300 most successful are represented in the national ranking compiled by GVardiya magazine.