OREANDA-NEWS. February 16, 2012. Modernization of equipment continues on public company “Omsky Kauchuk” within the framework of realization of petrochemical cluster of the project “PARK: Industrial-Agricultural Regional Clusters” (the head of the project – Mikhail Sutyaginsky), reported the press-centre of Titan.

Last week technical council of GC “Titan” made positive decision on implementation of scheme of partition of isobutene-containing fractions. Transition to the new scheme can make production more flexible and universal, which, in turn, gives the company possibility to maneuver depending on the situation with feedstock on the market.

Today the plant set out to framing of one of idle column of organic synthesis production which will be engaged in this process. This column produced commercial ethylene before. Most of its equipment – container, heat-exchanging apparatus, pumps – is in working condition. Now it is to repack flange connections, carry out diagnosis and remanifolding of the equipment, accomplish connection to the new scheme. Preparation of the equipment and part of installation work will be made partially by repair and mechanical workshop and assembly section of public company “Omsky Kauchuk”.