OREANDA-NEWS.  February 20, 2012. In 2011, Huangshan city's tourism reception volume amounted to 30.4 million person-time with a growth of 19.5 percent and a total income of 25 billion yuan (USD 3.97 USD dollars). This includes 1.31 million inbound tourists who brought an income of 380 million dollars. 

According to Xiang Jingxian, vice manager of the Huangshan Municipal Tourism Commission in Huangshan city, people often say that, "the beauty of the earth is on Huangshan Mountain; it is the dream of life in Huizhou" and "Huangshan Mountain in China is a fairyland on earth".

In order to achieve the goal of receiving 35 million tourists (including 1.6 inbound visitors), make 30 billion yuan in tourism revenue and receive 480 million dollars of foreign exchange, a series of activities have been launched. These include the "2012 Happy and Healthy Huangshan Mountain Tour" and "Send Huangshan Mountain to the World".