OREANDA-NEWS.  February 20, 2012. The clients of the Bank of Moscow prefer to pay for housing and communal services via remote channels. The volume of payments made via self-service terminals has more than doubled and considerably exceeds the volume of payments made at the Bank’s cash desks. In 2011 the volume of payments made via the Web-banking system has practically increased five-fold. The volume of payments via the Easy Payment service financially operated by the Bank of Moscow has more than tripled.

The clients of the Bank of Moscow may choose the way to make the housing and communal payments themselves. If paid through the cash desk the Bank’s fee will amount to 0.5% which is one of the most competitive offers in the market. When housing and communal payments are made via a remote channel no fee is charged.

Housing and communal payments can also be made with no fee through the Bank’s ATM network comprising of about 700 terminals and through the remote Web-banking service.

The Bank’s website gives a unique opportunity to verify the housing and communal debt status: by entering the payer’s code and the period of payment information can be obtained regarding the amount of current payment due in accordance with the Consolidated Payment Documents.

The Bank has created and develops a broad infrastructure for servicing through the Bank’s branches (141 branches in Moscow), and also through 474 office of the Post of Russia.