OREANDA-NEWS. February 24, 2012. In 2011, Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) achieved noticeable progress in building modern operation system featured by integrated operation, integrated authorization and integrated monitoring, and leapfrog development on all works. By the end of 2011, 34% of its outlets have realized integrated operation, 68% integrated monitoring and 89% integrated authorization, reported the press-centre of ABC.

Since start-up of building operation system in 2008, while the counter business volume has been increasing at an annual rate of 20%, the number of cash counter tellers has decreased by 17,000 in three years, and the average number of transactions handled by online tellers every day jumped by nearly 26% compared with three years ago.

Besides efficiency has been improved and human resources has been greatly saved, adoption of standard operating procedures and new back-office technologies also help improving the operation quality, enabling ABC to provide customers with unified, compliant and standard service experience. In terms of risk control, integrated operation makes "back-to-back" restrictions among multiple positions at front and back offices; integrated authorization builds up risk prevention and control capacity for counter operations; integrated monitoring makes regulation more flexible and targeted.

Operation management is a brand new field, where commercial banks are still exploring. With the operation reform deepening, the banks are facing new difficulties and challenges, such as how to guarantee resources for the reform and how to scientifically and effectively manage the large-scale back-office center etc. In response, head of the Operations Management Department of ABC says that in 2012, ABC will keep deepening the operation system reform by accelerating popularization of integrated operation, authorization and monitoring, with the target of covering all outlets except for Tibet Branch by the end of the year and increasing back-office operation integration to over 30%; it will make efforts to achieve sound accounts, dedicated funds and strict regulations by standardizing outlet operations, keeping them compliant and building up systems; while enhancing management over back-office center operations, ABC will keep promoting the counter procedure restructuring and system optimization and step up efforts in operation risk prevention and control, so as to improve operation quality, risk control capability and customer service ability,  laying a solid operation foundation for steady operation and development of ABC.