OREANDA-NEWS. June 5, 2012. TATNEFT participated in the All-Russian forum "Health Resort-2012" (Moscow). The social facilities of the Company were awarded medals and diplomas of the contest held in the framework of the forum.

A gold medal and a diploma in the nomination "Best health resort for family recreation" and a silver medal and a diploma in the nomination "Best health resort in area landscaping" were awarded to "Romashkino" sanatorium.

The health and recreation resort "YAN", was awarded a gold medal and diploma in the category "Best sports and fitness complex".

Silver medals and diplomas were justly awarded to the Company's "Cosmos" health and recreation resort for "Best resort in using natural healing factors", "Dzhalilsky" in the category "Best health and recreation resort ", "Leninogorsky" in the category "Best Technologies of Kinesitherapy" and "Ivolga" in the category "Best heath resort manager".

The All-Russian forum "Health Resort" is a unique platform to expand business contacts and to obtain comprehensive information about current development trends in technologies of rehabilitation and treatment, medical rehabilitation, health resort, sports medicine, resort industry and tourism business. The event is supported by the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy and Health, the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, Presidential Office of the Russian Federation, Moscow Government, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, National Medical Chamber, the Department of Health of the Moscow City, Departments of medical rehabilitation, recovery and sports medicine, Russian Doctors Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Russian Union of Tourism Industry, National Resort Association and the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatic Treatment.

The All-Russian Forum also hosted the International Scientific Congress on issues of strategic importance of the Russian health resorts in maintaining and recovery of the population health, as well as round tables, plenary sessions, symposia and seminars, an exhibition of the sanatorium and resort industry achievements.

The social facilities of TATNEFT Company used to repeatedly become winners of prestigious international, all-Russian and regional specialized contests. This is a natural result of the systematic work aimed at improving the Company employees' health, preservation of ecology in the south-eastern part of Tatarstan and providing for decent living standards of the region's population. In market economy conditions TATNEFT has been actively developing the corporate social policy, implementing it in the framework of specific programs and projects for both its one staff and the community as a whole.

Today, there are 11 sanatoriums and 13 children's health improvement camps operating at JSC  TATNEFT, where the workers and veterans of the Company, their children and residents of Tatarstan improve their health in a comfortable environment.