OREANDA-NEWS. June 8, 2012. A new expert has joined the team of the experts involved in the research program of the SKOLKOVO Business School Energy Centre. James Henderson, a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and the Energy Centre have signed the agreement on cooperation. The agreement envisages participating in the research on topical issues of the world energy, round tables organized by the Centre, and, as a visiting lecturer practitioner, he will conduct training sessions in the SKOLKOVO Business School.

James Henderson has been analyzing the oil and gas industry for the past 15 years. In 1997-2002, James worked in the Renaissance Capital Investment Company in Moscow, where, at first, he headed the company's oil and gas research, and, later, headed the analysis of equity markets. In 2002 he returned to London. In addition to his professional activities in the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, James is employed by the Lambert Energy Advisory Consulting Company, where he heads the department specializing in the Russian economy. James is the author of a number of scientific papers on various aspects of Russian and world power sectors, his doctoral work was mostly focused on the partnership between the Russian and international oil and gas companies.

Mr. Henderson became the fifth member of the research programme performed by the SKOLKOVO Energy Centre together with BP and aimed at uniting the efforts of the Centre’s team and foreign experts in the analysis of the most relevant aspects of Russian and international oil and gas industry. Besides Mr. Henderson, there are four more members participating in the research program who are widely known in the industry community of experts: Julian Lee, a  senior analyst at the Energy Centre for Global Energy Studies (London), Manfred Hafner, a head of the International Energy Consultants Company (IEC), and Mr. Henderson colleagues at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies - Jonathan Stern, a senior fellow and Director of  the programme dedicated to natural gas study and Ken Wook Paik, a senior fellow.

Grigory Vygon, Director of the SKOLKOVO Business School Energy Centre, commented: “The fact that Mr. Henderson has joined our research program will enhance the synergy effect, which occurs during the collaboration of leading Russian and foreign experts and which reflects in actual, tangible results like studies, research papers, panel discussions and lectures. The Energy Centre has again reaffirmed its status as a research and consulting organization with unique industry competencies"