OREANDA-NEWS.  June 13, 2012. Moscow hosted XVI National Auto Forum of participants of auto retail market. The Head of FAS Department for Control over Industry and Defence Complex, Maksim Ovchinnikov took part in the 2nd Session on “Relations between Dealers and Producers”, reported the press-centre of FAS Russia

In his presentation “Observing the Antimonopoly Law in the Automotive Market in Russia”, the Head of the specialized FAS Department pointed out anticompetitive sales practice on domestic car market that led to infringing the interests of particular dealers, restricting competition and overstating dealer and support service.

As proposals for developing competition on car market, the Head of FAS Department for Control over Industry and Defence Complex outlined importance for car distributors of developing transparent and non-discriminatory rules for selecting dealer and service centres, excluding mandatory combination of the functions of car selling and support service, eliminating unreasonable restrictions of dealers ad service centres choosing suppliers of the necessary equipment and materials.

“The main FAS initiatives are ensuring non-discriminatory access to authorized and non-authorized service centres for original spare parts; service documentation, service and diagnostic equipment; software and other goods required for rendering complete car repair and maintenance services. Plus importance of transparent rules of selecting dealer and service centres by car distributors”, emphasized Maksim Ovchinnikov.