OREANDA-NEWS. June 13, 2012. The Energy Consulting Group in the status of a Platinum sponsor participated in SAP FORUM 2012 held in Moscow, reported the press-centre of Energy Consulting.  

Professionals of Energy Consulting and representatives of Company’s customers delivered their reports at the Forum on new approaches and solutions in the field of project, process and HR management.

The main spokesman with his report "SAP products in investment management: Experience in application and development trends" was Sergey Klypa, Head of the Investment Solutions Practice, the Energy Consulting Group. Sergey Klypa reviewed the Russian experience in implementation of investment management solutions and shared his practice experience in application of SAP PPM and SAP ERP (PS) products.

Within the framework of special HR events Rifdar Hamadyarov, Head of the HR Department of OJAC TATNEFT, presented his speech disclosing the Company’s striving for making an efficient HR management structure resulted in implementation of SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) software. The project was focused on making a system enabling to receive an actual analytical data on personnel which could give abilities to get prompt and reasonable solutions, rather than on automation of basic HR processes (HR administration, time-board and payroll accounting). That is exactly why the logic development of the system took shape in implementation of Nakisa-based SAP Talent Visualization projects and in the Monitor of an HR Manager on the basis of Business Object.