OREANDA-NEWS. June 13, 2012. According to its strategy of VAD distribution, MERLION launched a number of training seminars devoted to network and infrastructure equipment. The goal of these seminars is to increase the competence of systems integrators and to expand the range of the equipment they work with, reported the press-centre of MERLION. 

The tendency to centralize the infrastructure of enterprises has been more and more evident for the latest years. This simplifies its control and maintenance, facilitates its modernization and substantially increases its effectiveness. Therefore the demand for network and infrastructure equipment increased and so did the requirements of its functionality, reliability and flexibility. That said, the economic effectiveness of the infrastructure created is influenced by many details like settings of the equipment and characteristics of its compatibility. In a centralized system, even when building a mini data centers for small enterprises, all these details provide a substantial economical benefit for the client on a scale of several years. It is the knowledge of these details and the ability to plan an optimized infrastructure that define today the attractiveness of the partner to the client and constitutes profitability of its business.

In order to increase the competence of their partners and develop their common business, MERLION conducts seminars NetClub in 2012. The goal of the seminars is to introduce partners to new solutions of network and infrastructure equipment producers, their functionality and features capable to establish highly efficient infrastructure on their base.

MERLION has already held a NetClub seminar for Krasnodar and Kazan partners, and another one for Moscow partners. Seminars in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Saint-Petersburg are on schedule.

Conducting training VAD seminars is one of the most important elements of the general plan of MERLION to develop its own VAD channel. Results of 2011 showed the efficiency of the policy carried out: Last year MERLION increased the sales of Enterprise segment equipment and software by 60%, and the network of partners, which buy this equipment from the distributor, doubled. MERLION intends to further develop VAD distribution and make big investments into the development of its partnership network.