OREANDA-NEWS. June 13, 2012. Reliance Infrastructure Limited (RInfra), largest power distributor in Mumbai Suburbs, announced opening of Central Disaster Control Room (CDCR) for monsoon season at its SCADA Centre located at Receiving Station in Aarey Colony. The CDCR is equipped to handle emergencies during monsoon season and will ensure seamless communication and coordination among RInfra, various utilities and government authorities.

As a part of robust action plan that will ensure better coordination, RInfra also established Hotline Communication facility between its Disaster Control Room and Control Room of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

Monsoon 2012 has just approached Mumbai and at its onset, RInfra immediately activated its monsoon action plan to minimize the down time during emergencies and reduce consumer inconveniences. Company's disaster management plan is equipped to handle critical situations arise due to water logging, power failures, electrical shocks, sparking, fire, etc.

In case, water logging becomes dangerous either at installations inside consumers' premises like substations, meter cabins, etc., or at Company's installation site such as transformers, mini pillars on roads, etc., RInfra may have to resort to Safety Switch Offs in those effected area for the safety of consumers. Before restoring the power supply and awarding normalcy, RInfra will ensure safety of every installation.

RInfra's proactive action plan also envisages stringent measures which are summarized below to overcome such eventualities and ensure its preparedness to meet exigencies arising during monsoon:

ЃЎ          Pre-monsoon checks and preventive maintenance of equipments have been carried out and all necessary corrective and preventive actions have been completed.

ЃЎ          32 nos. of Dedicated Disaster Management Response Teams at Central as well as Divisional levels have been formed. These teams are equipped with various communication facilities like wire less communication equipments such as Hot lines, Radio Frequency Walkie - Talkie sets to ease communication during crisis.

ЃЎ          Adequate stock of essential spare parts, tools and equipments including transformers, switchgears, etc. have been kept ready at various locations spread over the area of supply which will be easily accessible to the divisional teams for use.

ЃЎ          Adequate transportation equipped with emergency repair kits, tools and safety wears is ready at all divisional offices and other different strategic locations.

ЃЎ          2 no. special Motor Boats placed at strategic locations for any emergencies.

ЃЎ          Necessary medical, administrative and material support team and infrastructure have been defined and are in place to meet any emergency.