OREANDA-NEWS. June 15, 2012. In the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition held before long, @ant of Chery has been ceremoniously exhibited, drawing keen attention of people in the automobile field, and now it is still a hot and popular issue among people. This can not only be explained by the cutting edge technological innovation and design exploration of automobiles nowadays embodied by @ant, it is more about peoples newly-arising eagerness and understanding of future travels and life styles. On the other hand, the emergence of @ant can reflect Cherys new breakthroughs in the exploration of auto technology innovation and developing new energy vehicles.

The reason why this new concept vehicle is named @ant is not purely out of the pursuit of pleasure but the extraordinarily rich connotation it contains: @ represents the network concept, adopting cloud technology facilitating information share; moreover, ant means similar to the ant in its shape due to the vehicles bionics design, the gasoline body and the electric body are mutually independent and capable of free assembly. Shuttling in the busy and crowded traffic, this small and exquisite vehicle has no reliance on the public energy supply mode with its wireless charging technology, ridding of the bottleneck of extending range of new energy vehicles. Under the design concept of cloud technology, flexible assembly and infinite extended range, @ant concept vehicle realizes the perfect combination of new energy, internet and cloud computation, fully signifying the relationship between the automobile and technology, environmental protection and freedom as well as showing Cherys exploration and lead in the technology development of future autos.

Safer, more energy saving and more environmental friendly has always been Cherys pursuit. Through the new energy concept car @ant we can get a much clearer understanding about this concept and also feel that @ant is designed with a vision looking into the future. Chery will persist in the development and innovation in the new energy field, and through combining with the cutting edge information technology and the electronic technology as well as integrating global resources, it will continue to develop internationally compatible high-tech products in line with international standard procedures. So far, through deep exploration of new energy technology for automobiles, Chery has completely mastered such new energy technologies for high-performance gasoline engine with low emission, flexible fuel vehicle, gasoline and electric hybrids and pure electric vehicle and fuel cells, etc., and sample vehicles have been manufactured with some of them putting into mass production.

As Cherys latest new energy concept car presented to the public, @ant embodies Cherys new consideration about technological innovation, environmental protection and energy saving. It not only reflects Cherys design concept and its leading technology, but also a crystallization of wisdom gained by Chery through adherence to independent innovation in accordance with international standard design procedure. Through technological innovation and design innovation, Chery is gradually achieving its goal of becoming a technologically advanced and power-oriented auto enterprise all over the world. Confronted with the future auto society, Chery has been well prepared in the purpose of globally providing consumers with energy-conserving and environmentally friendly products as well as wonderful life with automobiles.