OREANDA-NEWS. June 18, 2012. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in January-March, 2012 the gross value added in the sector of industrial goods decreased 1,3% and 0,% affected GDP. At the same time it grew 1,6% in agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishery In industry the gross value added decreased 2,1% affecting GDP 0,3%.

Contribution of the gross value added of the goods sector to GDP made up 19,9%. The gross value added created in the service sector increased 2,6% as compared with Q1, 2011 and contributed 1,7% to GDP. The greatest increase of the gross value added was recorded in construction and made up 9,8; in wholesale and retail trade where it equalled to 4,6%; in real estate market and in industry of services to enterprises where it was 3,9%.

 The decline f the gross value added was registered in transportation and public administration, where it equalled to 5,3% and 1,2% respectively. In Q`1, 2011 the gross value added created in service industry contributed to GDP 66,8%. Receipts to the national budget fro taxes on foods declined 2,2% as compared with Q1, 2011 and affected GDP 0,4%.

Taxes on foods made up the 11,61% share in GDP/ Final consumption increased 1,9% and contributed to GDP 2,4%. Final consumption of households grew 2,7%. In Q1, 2012 gross fixed capital formation increased 1% as compared with the same period of 2011 and contributed to GDP 13,5%. Export and import of goods and services grew 8,2% and 6,1% respectively as compared with Q1, 2011.