OREANDA-NEWS.  June 19, 2012. The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan held the National Conference on Financial Education and Financial Literacy for Children: Equal Opportunities for the sake of Future within the joint cooperation with the Hopeful Future Youth Organization, UNICEF Azerbaijan, the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation – SBFIC (Germany) and the Financial Education Network, reported the press-centre of CBA.

The conference was held in Hilton Baku, the key goal of which was to inspire financial skills and orther proper financial behaviour in children at an early age and rise future welfare of theirs and of the mankind.

The conference particularly emphasized the fact that recently there have been elevating concerns regarding low level of financial literacy of the world population. Amid the dwelling financial crisis the world community assesses financial literacy as one of the vital skills, and perceives it to be the critical element of financial and economic stability and growth.

The event was attended by officials of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Education, UNICEF Regional Director, COP of Aflotoun – the International Child Social and Financial Education Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the representative of the UNICEF, as well as reps from various state structures, national and international organisations functioning in the country, and banking and financial institutions.