OREANDA-NEWS. June 20, 2012. X5 Retail Group N.V., ( "X5" or the "Company"), Russia's largest retailer in terms of revenue (LSE ticker symbol: FIVE), announced that customers paying with cash in Pyaterochka stores will have their check totals rounded to the nearest Rouble in favor of the customer if the check total exceeds 10 Roubles.

Rounding the check in favor of customers will not only decrease their costs, but also shorten lines by reducing checkout time when making cash payments. Customers will of course still be able to pay in kopecks.

Dmitry Gusev, Pyaterochka Operating Director commented:

"Almost everyone has faced the situation when they are a few kopecks short for a purchase and had to pay with a large bank note. This will not happen again in the Pyaterochka chain. We will continue to do our best to improve the shopping experience of our customers."