OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. In the framework of its customer strategy, the Factoring Company Life pays special attention to the service standards and the customer loyalty. For these purposes every month the Factoring Company Life performs the research of the customer loyalty, reported the press-centre of Probusinessbank.   

The customer loyalty is measured in accordance with the NPS technology (Net Promoter Score is the index of net customer loyalty), developed by Satmetrix and implemented by the Financial Group Life in all areas of business. The client’s inquiry (including the loyalty questionnaire, any claims or suggestions) shall be processed in the special automated system, and the client’s personal manager will handle the trigger and prepare a report, which serves as the basis for providing the feedback to the client. 

Therefore, the Factoring Company Life continues to permanently improve the internal and external processes and enhance its customer service technologies. The focused and professional work with the clients’ feedback gives very positive business results: the loyalty of the customer base of the Factoring Company Life is at a high level, and, which is no less important, its dynamics has remained positive for the entire last year of measurements. 

As of May 01, 2012 the level of customer loyalty of the Factoring Company Life reached 68%. The share of clients, who are ready to recommend the Factoring Company Life at 7 and 8 points on a 0 – 10 scale, in accordance with the results of the customer loyalty survey, reached 12% of total number of respondents. The share of clients, who are ready to recommend the Factoring Company Life at 9 and 10 points, reached 75%. The share of detractors (0 to 6 points, respectively) was 7% of clients, who participated in the survey.

Alexander Karelin, General Director of the Factoring Company Life:

– We should like to thank our clients, who take part in the customer loyalty surveys, because they give us plenty of food for reflection and grounds for initiating important transformations, which naturally lead to the improvement of the customer service standards and perception of the company from the standpoint of clients. The company spares no money to finance these strategic objectives and is determined to make investments in this process doing its best to make our clients comfortable in doing business and growing together with the Factoring Company Life.