OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. Belarusian retailer Eurotorg Ltd (Evroopt trademark) has expanded over to the Russian market, with a few outlets launched in Moscow, Eurotorg CEO Andrei Zubkov told an online news conference.

“We have retail outlets operating in Moscow, with a few more to be launched soon in other Russian cities. The product range is dominated by Belarusian-made commodities: they have a reputation in Russia for their good quality and natural ingredients. This is our contribution to export promotion,” Zubkov said.

Eurotorg plans to expand on the Russian market, and it may take some time to get adapted to the Russian business environment.

The company plans to promote its retail network in Smolensk, Zubkov said.

Initially, they plan to lease shops, which are already available, as opposed to building new trading facilities, the company chief said.

Eurotorg Ltd is a large retail network in Belarus with over 80 outlets all over the country.