OREANDA-NEWS. June 22, 2012. Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging scanners, today introduced the newest addition to its portable ScanSnap product lineup for PC and Mac users. The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i is enhanced with faster scanning speeds, the ability to send and store scanned documents to Android and iOS compatible devices, and new functionality allowing users to easily upload scans to cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, SugarSync and Salesforce Chatter.

The compact Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i, weighing in at just 3.1 lbs., provides the same easy-to-use one-button scanning and reliable operation as its predecessors giving consumers and business professionals the most productive, versatile scanning experience at home or on the go. Now, with the addition of its new features and functionalities, the ScanSnap S1300i delivers an array of capabilities that no other document management company offers in a compact scanning solution. New and enhanced features of the ScanSnap S1300i include:

Scan to Mobile -- Android Tablet/Smartphone Support: With the free ScanSnap Connect app users now have the capability to send scanned paperwork to Android compatible tablets and smartphones running OS 2.2*. The App is also available for both the iPad and iPhone running iOS 4.2.1 or later. ScanSnap Connect not only provides a convenient way to send and store scans to mobile devices using your existing WiFi connection, but also gives organizations a flexible solution to assist with collaboration between colleagues and business partners. The App can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

Cloud Services Support: Users can now scan documents directly to Dropbox, the popular digital storage service, giving them even more flexibility to store, share and access their paperwork. Furthermore, the ScanSnap S1300i scans directly to Evernote, Google Docs, SugarSync and Salesforce Chatter. Whether it is scanning contracts, bills, invoices, or business cards on the road or using a PC in one place and a Mac in another, consumers have the necessary tools to be even more productive and paperless virtually anywhere.
ScanSnap Folder: Stay in the moment and extend the power of one-button scanning into virtually any Windows application, even in the cloud, with the ScanSnap Folder function. This new feature essentially replicates ScanSnap as a Windows folder which the user can open from their favorite software and web applications** allowing them to automatically attach/upload the digital files produced by the ScanSnap S1300i for the ultimate in "Scan there!" versatility.

Faster Scanning Performance: Faster scanning speeds of up to 12 double-sided color pages per minute (ppm), even while using its advanced intelligent image-processing technology, make the ScanSnap S1300i up to 1.5 times faster than its predecessor.

"We're excited that ScanSnap has integrated Dropbox into their devices via the Dropbox API to give our mutual users a great solution for digitizing and managing their content across multiple platforms," said Ilya Fushman, head of Platform Business Development and Corporate Development, Dropbox, Inc.

In the constantly evolving and fast-paced world that we live in today, people need a versatile and flexible solution to help them keep up with the demands and that is exactly what the ScanSnap S1300i is designed to do, said Scott Francis, vice president of marketing, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. From its ability to scan directly to multiple cloud-based services and mobile devices, to its PC and Mac compatibility, to its compact size, the ScanSnap S1300i allows consumers and business professions to be even more productive and paperless anywhere they go.