OREANDA-NEWS. June 25, 2012. Belgorodsky cement, JSC which is part of the EUROCEMENT group holding participated in the regional scientific-practical conference on the issue of integration of vocational education institutions and large enterprises in order to prepare highly qualified specialists.

Among the organizers of the event are the Department of Personnel Policy and the Department of Education, Culture and Youth Affairs of the region, as well as Belgorod Regional Institute of Training and retraining of specialists. Belgorodcement plant was represented by Nikolai Goncharov, head of the personnel department of Belgorodsky cement, JSC.

- We have shared our experience with colleagues, in particular, how our company was building a policy of social partnership with the vocational college ? 4, - said Nikolai Goncharov, - it is not only the organization of practical trainings, but also participation in joint activities of the social orientation clean-up events, professional skills competitions and friendly volleyball and tennis games.

Management of the Holding pays great attention to development and training of staff. There is a strong system of internal training which is called the institution of mentoring conducted in cement plants included in the holding. It provides not only training of the employees, but also instructions, and adaptation of new employees to the existing requirements.

According to Nikolai Goncharov, head of the personnel department of Belgorodsky cement, JSC, the investment in staff, training and retraining of young professionals are the strategic directions of development which will soon become one of the most important competitive advantages of the EUROCEMENT group Holding and plants included in it which set ambitious tasks of strengthening its competitive position both in the domestic and international markets.

EUROCEMENT group Holding is an international, vertically integrated industrial holding, the leader in terms of the production of building materials in Russia.

EUROCEMENT group Holding is included in the eight largest cement companies in the world, comprises 16 cement plants in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, as well as plants for the production of concrete, reinforced concrete, nonmetallic minerals quarries and facilities providing industrial construction services.

Production capacity of the plants included in the holding is 37.5 million tons of cement, 10 million cubic meters of concrete. Stocks of nonmetallic materials for the extraction of carbonate rocks with total explored reserves amount to over 2.8 billion tons, mining granite reserves are about 1.8 billion tons.