OREANDA-NEWS. June 27, 2012. Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd. (Kenji Nakakura, President) announces the launch of “NANOENERGY ZERO,” a new fuel efficient NANOENERGY brand product, which will be introduced for sales on July 2, 2012. Toyo  Tires has developed a leading edge fuel efficient tire1 which has achieved the highest grade under the  JATMA Tire Labeling System2, both in rolling resistance coefficient and wet grip performance.

Even in Japan, which leads the world in the widespread use of fuel efficient tires, this will be the first time3 that a tire will be presented to the market which has achieved such pinnacle in environmental performance, with a rolling resistance performance of “AAA” grade and wet grip performance of “a” grade.

NANOENERGY is Toyo Tire’s new fuel efficient tire brand, which makes use of “Nano Balance Technology,” Toyo Tire’s proprietary advanced foundational material design technology, which manages the development of the tire’s rubber materials at the nano-level.

At the present, Toyo Tires has been working to build a full line of high quality fuel efficient tire products, starting with
NANOENERGY 1, introduced for sales in February 2012, which was the first tire ever to achieve “AAA” rolling resistance and “b” wet grip performance in Japan. This was followed in June 2012 by the introduction for sales of NANOENERGY 2, which achieved “AAA” rolling resistance and “c” wet grip performance.

Toyo Tires further plans to launch both products in Europe in October 2012.

Until now, a technological innovation was being sought, to enhance the braking performance during ordinary driving on wet and dry road surfaces one step further, while maintaining the highest “AAA” level that had already been achieved in rolling resistance.

Through the application of Nano Balance Technology, optimizing the management of materials mixing to a high dimension, allowing for higher precision in design and incorporating innovations in processing, Toyo was able to develop NANOENERGY ZERO, which has achieved the highest standards both in gripping force (braking performance) and rolling resistance performance.

This tire will be introduced to the Japan market immediately as the flagship product in the NANOENERGY series.