OREANDA-NEWS. On March, 12-14th Lenexpo Exhibition Complex in St.-Petersburg was a venue for traditional St.Petersburg Technical Fair 2013. Within its scope the XIX Hi-tech. Innovations. Investments (HI-TECH’2013) international exhibition took place where the republic presented achievements of its small and medium-size innovative enterprises. The exposition was organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of Karelia. Co-exhibitors have presented about 20 projects and research results which have caused professional interest of visitors of the exhibition and of the expert jury. It is necessary to note, that among participants of the exhibition there were dozens of regions of Russia, from the Khabarovsk Territory to the Kaliningrad Region. Country-famous scientific research institutes, organizations the of the military and space sectors have also presented results of their research.

D.Yekimov shows his device to representatives of St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute

Within the framework of the HI-TECH’2013 exhibition event experts evaluated innovative projects and achievements and awarded medals, certificates of honour, special prizes, and the Grand Prix. Visitors of Karelian exposition have taken a keen interest in our research results and projects in such hi-tech areas as hardware and software complexes for assessment of water resources and environment, creation of wireless communication complexes, medical devices for cardio- and neurodiagnostics, automated monitoring of power supply systems, etc.

The expert jury distributed awards in 20 nominations. 265 research results presented at the exhibition pretended to various awards. Karelian innovative enterprises have received 4 gold and 4 silver medals for their achievements. Five more projects were awarded honourable diplomas. Small innovative enterprises of Petrozavodsk State University were distinguished particularly. Their share has made 3 gold and 3 silver medals.

Awards of Karelian enterprises

The research results presented by Nanoscan Ltd. established at PetrSU scored a great success. The author of the unique project System for Remote Express-Control of Ecological Condition of Reservoirs and Holographic Disdrometry is Dmitry Yekimov, young teacher from PetrSU. As a matter of fact, his device is an electronic microscope capable of on-line registering underwater biomass on the nanoscale in the 4D format. St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute currently engaged in studying biosphere of subglacial Lake Vostok located beneath 4.2 km of ice has rated high the advantages of the offered method of analysis and has suggested the author to take part in a joint constructional development of a similar device to be used in boreholes.

ATM Ltd. showed its project of automated monitoring of power supply systems of objects of housing and communal services. One year ago this system controlling work of boiler-houses was developed at the financial support of the Government of Karelia and embraced work of almost all boiler-houses of the republic. The system allows to fix about 30 parameters of work of objects of housing and communal services online and to take measures on elimination of failure of work of objects of daily living activities when necessary. Now this system is run in 22 regions of Russia, as well as in Riga and a number of towns in Ukraine.

Karelia's achievements draw attention of visitors of the exhibition

Visitors of the exhibition from France, Taiwan, Belarus have taken a keen interest in production of Mariproduct Ltd. breeding mussels, trout, seaweed in the White sea and carries delivering its products for production of food supplements, means of pharmacy and cosmetic medicine.

Karelian schungite remains popular. Representatives of corresponding industries and nature conservation departments were interested in technology of waste water and soil cleaning from oil products and other organic compounds.

The exhibition has shown that Karelia possesses both scientific, and creative engineering potential, as well as real achievements which take root actively in the republic and are also transferred to other regions. Participation in exhibitions of high technologies promotes Karelia's research achievements in the foreign and home markets, gives participants a new impetus to perfection of research results and formation of new ideas. The most important is that during the exhibition its participants establish useful business contacts and search for investors.