OREANDA-NEWS. The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) was convened at the initiative of the Board of Directors of KazTransOil JSC to consider important corporate issues, which are significant for companys management and further development.

At EGMS the decisions were adopted on the issues of determination of audit organization to audit the company in 2013-2015, loss of effect of Rules on payment of alternate part of salary to the managerial staff of KazTransOil JSC, as well as determination of quantitative composition, term of powers of ballot committee of KazTransOil JSC and election of its members.

As it was said earlier, in May 2013 it is planned to hold the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, where the decision on distribution of net income and size of dividend per one share will be taken. With account of net income of KazTransOil JSC for 2012 33,5 bln. tenge the company is capable to pay out competitive dividends.

KazTransOil JSC national operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the main oil pipeline, is the largest oil transporting company of the republic of Kazakhstan, which possesses diversified network of main oil pipelines and waterlines with overall extension more than 7,6 th. km.

In 2012 KazTransOil JSC placed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange 38 463 559 ordinary shares of the Company within Peoples IPO Program. In the result of IPO 33 989 citizens of Kazakhstan and 10 accumulative pension funds became the shareholders of KazTransOil JSC.