OREANDA-NEWS. March 21, 2013.  The process of developing an "electronic government", including the widespread introduction of interactive public services to the population and legal entities, is underway in Uzbekistan.

This was the topic of press conference, organized by the State Committee of communication, information and communication technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the National Press Center of Uzbekistan.

At a government meeting dedicated to the socio-economic development of the country in 2012 and key priorities of economic program for 2013, President Islam Karimov, defining objectives for the future in the field of information, communication and telecommunication technologies, underlined that accelerating the development of the Concept and a comprehensive program of "e-Government" formation, including management processes, as well as the provision of public services to legal entities and individuals, a creation of a national system that integrates interagency and agency information systems.

Implementation of these measures will not only allow to manage the government agencies, to effectively develop business processes, interaction between the state and entrepreneurs, as well as to provide public services to citizens in the most accessible online form via the Internet.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Communications, Information Technology and Telecommunications of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Shermatov  the ICT have been swiftly implemented, in particular, to provide interactive services to the population and legal entities through the websites of public authorities and the government portal. In 2007, the Register of basic online public services, which currently includes more than 195 types, was approved.

Over 20 projects in various fields have been implemented within the e-government framework. The www.gov.uz governmental portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan, "e-Kommunal.uz" portal, bringing together general information in the sphere of housing and public utilities, statistical, tax and other financial data collection process automation, online visa application system designed for foreign nationals to obtain a visa to Uzbekistan, and other projects are a few important ones.
At the press conference it was noted that currently the concept and a comprehensive program of the "electronic government" framework, as well as comprehensive program for national information and communication system development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2013-2017 in under development. In this regard, round table seminars, workshops and meetings with leading international experts and specialists from various ministries and departments are frequently held.

These projects define the main tasks on formation and development of "e-government" framework taking into account the current state and directions of cooperation of state bodies with each other, with the public and business entities. As a result of their implementation, a move to a fully transactional services that eliminate the need to visit various institutions and to direct communication with government officials, which will contribute to the creation of additional facilities to the population and improve the business environment.