OREANDA-NEWS. On the 20th of March 2013, as a part of the social environmental initiative Save the Dnepr together a roundtable discussion took place, the main topic of which was the Ecology of the Kakhovskoye storage lake: maintenance of the natural balance.

During the roundtable discussion the important environmental issues of the Kakhovskoye storage lake and the improvement of the Dneprovsky region have been discussed. Regulatory authorities of the iron and steel plant Zaporizhstal, environmental and social organizations took part in the roundtable discussion.

The roundtable discussion about the problems of the Kakhovskoye storage lake followed up the social ecological initiative Save the Dnepr together, which was supported by Zaporizhstal in November 2012. The event consolidated the efforts of the citizens of the Zaporozhye, environmental, ecological and social organizations on cleaning up the banks and water part of the river Dnepr (more than 1100 participants, was collected about 18 tons of garbage). In December 2012 integrated iron and steel plant Zaporizhstal sponsored the second step of the event Save the Dnepr together stocking the river with the plant eating fishes.

During the roundtable discussion the participants emphasized the importance of realization of the social-ecological initiative Save the Dnepr together in 2013, the first step of which will be creation of the artificial spawning grounds to support the effective work of the natural spawning grounds of the river Dnepr. Integrated iron and steel works Zaporizhstal financed the realization of this important environmental project Save the Dnepr together.

One of the most important environmental issues of the Kakhovskoye storage lake still reminds the silting of the fleet water, which is appropriate for spawning of the fish, what leads to reduction of fish population and changes in the species composition of the fish comment out the current situation the deputy director of the Zaporozhyeriboohrana Dmitriy Evseev.

Social organizations of the region regional federation of the spearfishing, diving and fishing in Zaporozhye, regional organization Ukrainian hunting and fishing societies are ready to produce the storages.