OREANDA-NEWS. April 02, 2013. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in real terms, Consumer Price Index included, they did not change as compared with the same period of 2011. Most incomes fell, as usual, on foods and made up 43.3%.

Housekeeping expenditures were 18.3% of a total amount of the consumer expenditure, 0.9 p.p. up. Expenses on cloths and foot wear amounted to 10.2% (0.9 p.p. down). Health expenses stayed at 5% as the year before; transportation expenses were 4.4%, 0.1 p.p. down; communications expenses equalled 4.2%,, 0.4 p.p. down; housing improvement expenses were 3.7%, 0.3 p.p. up, education expenses made up 1%, 0.2 p.p. down.

Monthly consumers expenditure of the urban population averaged 2011.3 leis per head, 675.2 leis (1.5 times) up as compared with rural population. Urban inhabitants allotted to foods about 40.6% of their monthly expenses (against 39.7% in Q4, 2011) whereas in rural areas foods were allotted to 46.3% in Q4, 2012 against 45.8%.

In urban areas house maintenance was allotted to 19% against 17.6% in rural ones, transportation was spent on 5.5% against 3.2%; services and communications were assigned for 4.5% against 3.9%, entertainments were allotted to 1.6% against 1.2%, hotels, cafes and restaurants were spent on 3% against 0.4%.

In the structure of consumers’ expenditure monetary expenses are dominant, being 89.7% against 10.3% of expenses in natural terms.