OREANDA-NEWS. Experts from the Society for News Design (SND) have called Lenta.ru’s new design one of the best among news sites.

The experts liked the ‘pretty form’ of Lenta.ru, the correct proportion of white space, and the ‘restrained but consistent palette’, as well as the ‘comprehensive integration of separate functional components within the interface.’ SND particularly liked the presentation of photographs.

Other names in the best information sites and apps for 2012 included SB Nation and The Guardian/The Observer app for iPad. The long list for the SND award came out at the end of February and included the project of another Russian site – RIA Novosti - ‘1812. War and Peace. New Perspectives.’, highlighting the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812. Jury members gathered in Mansi, Indiana, at the end of February and studied hundreds of websites in order to choose the best. The body of experts included representatives from The New York Times and National Geographic Magazine, as well as from Prodigioso Volcan and Smart Media Creative, which develop and promote websites. Lenta.ru unveiled its new design in January 2013.

The Society for News Design was founded in 1979 as an international organisation bringing together specialists on the design of news resources. It has about 1,000 members from various countries. SND has been naming the year’s best information resources for 34 years.