OREANDA-NEWS. June 04, 2013. Elion will no longer provide paid, flat-fee WiFi service in Vorumaa and Polvamaa. However, customers will have a possibility to use EMTs mobile internet, which provides faster speeds than Elions WiFi. The change affects only paid WiFi service, Elions free public WiFi (at gas stations, etc) will still be available after June 1.

This paid WiFi service was built a long time ago as a non-standard solution. Today, the quality and speed of this service has become outdated, and we decided to respond to our customers requests by offering them a modern mobile data service. We chose EMT, as their 3.5G mobile data works well in rural areas and customers dont have to replace their WiFi terminals, said Aleksander Vilenberg, Elions WiFi project manager in Vorumaa and Polvamaa regions.

EMTs 3.5G mobile internet enables downloading speeds up to 21.6 Mbps, which is faster than Elions WiFi service could provide. Elions free WiFi (at gas stations and other public places) will remain active. Only paid WiFi service that required a password to enter, will no longer be available after June 1. All Elions WiFi customers have been personally notified about this change.

Elions WiFi customers received an offer for EMTs 3.5G that includes a testing option. By now, most of the customers have already accepted the offer, said Ando Meentalo, Head of IT Development Center at EMT. Even though in terms of natural environment, southern part of Estonia is not the easisest place for providing wireless data service, we were able to offer good quality connection via EMTs mobile network. In some areas, we had to use additional external antennas to amplify the signal.

EMT and Elion are the leading communication services providers in Estonia. Both companies are part of the Eesti Telekom Group. EMT, being a high-quality service provider and innovator in its field, is the leader in Estonian mobile communications market. According to the measurements conducted by Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority in spring, EMT offers the highest quality, widest coverage and fastest speeds among Estonian carriers. Elion is the largest ICT and telecom company in Estonia, providing data, voice and TV services to 300,000 people.

Elions latest service eKodu (eHome) allows customers to create a custom bundle of services tailored to their specific needs.