OREANDA-NEWS. June 04, 2013. The claims handling statistics of SEB indicate that about half of the accidents with children occur during the three summer months, when children are off from school and kindergarten. Most accidents with children happen when cycling or riding a skateboard; but a more recent trend is children riding on lawn tractors. Boys are involved in approximately twice as many accidents as girls.

“Although the major boom in trampoline purchases has passed, trampoline accidents continue to persist in claims statistics. Accidents while speeding on all-terrain vehicles, roller skates and bikes - which result in fractures or contusions - are also far from rare. In accident statistics, children’s accidents with lawn tractors or mowers are being increasingly noted. There have been accidents in which a child’s leg or hand has been caught between the cutting blades after falling from the tractor. Parents should pay more attention to their children’s summer activities in the garden. Grilling and making a fire with lighter fluid should also be left to the parent,” said Indrek Holst, Chairman of the Management Board at SEB Elu- ja Pensionikindlustus.

Most accidents involving children end with the child’s leg or arm in a cast, with the period of healing lasting 2-4 weeks on average. However, the treatment of a partial leg amputation or ankle fracture after a lawn tractor accident may take several months. According to the claims statistics of SEB Elu- ja pensionikindlustus, treatment lasts 32 days on average.

The payable damage benefit allows the parent to purchase medications or helps to compensate income deficit, depending largely on the sum that is chosen as the child insurance sum. According to the claims statistics of SEB Elu- ja pensionikindlustus, children’s accident compensation is EUR 177 on average.

Since 2009, SEB Elu- ja pensionikindlustus has registered 103 children’s accidents, with a total of EUR 20,000 disbursed to parents in benefits. SEB Elu- ja pensionikindlustus has not had to make a single negative decision denying payment in the case of a child injury.