OREANDA-NEWS. June 04, 2013. Secretary Qiang Wei of CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee and his delegation members conducted an inspection tour to the jobsite of Kelun Dongxiang Pharmaceutical Project contracted by the 5th China Metallurgical Construction Group (5MCC Group).

Qiang Wei inspected the technical equipment under the aforesaid project, including injection molding machine, bottle blowing machine and sterilization cabinet for finished product. The delegation members placed a high premium on the construction of the standardized workshop and the elaborate construction technology.

Kelun Dongxiang Pharmaceutical Project is located in the Pharmaceutical Industry Park of Yuanzhou District in Yichun City of Jiangxi Province. The project was commenced at the early of May 2013, with a construction period of 105 days. The contract scope covers: manufacturing and installation work of equipment, monorail crane for mould of injection molding machine and net rack; installation work of production workshop and utility system; installation work of purified water pipeline in the workshop; and pipeline work for the cooling water circulation system of the CED workshop.